Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data. In this Privacy Statement we want to provide clear and transparent information about how we handle personal data.

We make every effort to guarantee your privacy and therefore handle personal data with care. Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib complies in all cases with the applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation.

This website is managed

By Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib When you visit this Internet site, Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib may collect personal data about you, either directly (through a data request to you) or indirectly. Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib will use this personal data only in accordance with the purposes described in this Privacy Statement and make every effort to protect the personal data collected. This Privacy Statement describes the purposes of the data processing by Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib with respect to this Internet site, about the use of cookies and about the way you can exercise your rights with respect to your personal data.

Purposes of data processing

Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib collects and processes data about clients and visitors to this Internet site for the purpose of its business operations, to promote and make available products and services that may be of interest to you and to develop web statistics. The information you provide will be used to contact you if necessary, for example to inform you about changes in the functionality of the Internet site or to offer you services that you might appreciate (unless you have indicated that you do not wish to receive offers of services).

Special Personal Data

Through this Internet site, Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib does not intend to collect any special personal data, such as information regarding political opinions, religious beliefs, health or other matters. In cases where Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib does seek to collect such data, your prior explicit consent will be requested. Please note that by providing Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib with unsolicited special personal data, you expressly consent to the use of such data as described above.

Provision to third parties

We do not provide the data you have provided to Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib to third parties unless this is legally required and permitted. An example of this is when the law requires (personal) data from us as part of an investigation. In such a case we are obliged to cooperate and hand over this data. We may also share personal data with third parties if you give us written permission to do so. In the event that you conclude a transaction through our organization that also involves other parties (for example, a notary or other authorities), data will also be shared with them if this is necessary, customary or obligatory on account of the transaction.

Internet sites of third parties

This Privacy Statement does not apply to third-party Internet sites that are connected to this Internet site by links.

Change of privacy statement

Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. It is recommended that you consult this Privacy Statement regularly so that you are aware of these changes.

Security and retention period

Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib will ensure that your data is adequately secured so that your data is protected against unauthorized use, unauthorized access, modification and unlawful destruction. Your data will be kept as long as necessary for the purposes indicated above or to the extent necessary to comply with legal obligations and to resolve any disputes.

Inspection, correction and deletion

Address requests for inspection, correction or deletion of data to Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib stating your name and address. Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib will in principle respond to a request for inspection or correction within four weeks. In the event of a request for deletion, Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib will delete the personal data in question as soon as possible, unless and to the extent that the law requires the personal data in question to be retained or there are (other) compelling reasons that oppose deletion.


Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib may collect and analyze information associated with the use of this website, such as domain name, the number of hits, which pages were visited, previous/subsequent sites visited and the duration of a user session. This data may be collected via cookies. A cookie is a small text file containing relevant information that our webpage server can extract from your browser. Our webpage server may only retrieve cookies that relate to information exchanged between you and Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib via the Internet. Cookies that do not contain security-sensitive information may be stored on your hard disk in such a way that they are available the next time you visit the Internet. You can allow or prevent the use of cookies by changing the settings of your browser. If you want to prevent the use of cookies, the information referred to will no longer be stored by your browser and each time you visit the Internet, the data will be requested and must be entered. The settings regarding cookies vary from one browser to another.

Cookie policy

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone the first time you visit this website. You can opt out of these cookies by setting your Internet browser to no longer store cookies. In addition, you can also delete any information previously stored via your browser settings.

Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib uses the following cookies:

Functional cookies: these are cookies that are necessary for the technical operation of the website and
your ease of use. They ensure that the website works properly and remember, for example
your preferences. They also allow us to optimize the user-friendliness of our website.
optimization of our website. These cookies do not invade your privacy because the data collected is anonymous.
are anonymous.

Analytical Cookies: these cookies measure all data through the U.S. company Google, as part
of the “Google Analytics” service. Coral Estate Sales NV / TEAM Carib uses this service to
get reports on the way the website is used and measure the quality and effectiveness.
and effectiveness to measure. We use Google Analytics in the manner prescribed by the Authority
Personal Data to fall under the exception in the cookie law,
as a result of which we do not require your prior consent to use Google Analytics.

Marketing / Tracking cookies: we place cookies that track your browsing behavior so that we can offer tailored
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We have already informed you about these cookies and asked your permission to place them.
These may include cookies from: Facebook, Doubleclick, Google Adwords, Instagram,
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Het niet accepteren van cookies betekent niet dat u geen reclame te zien krijgt op bijvoorbeeld
social media websites die u bezoekt, deze zal alleen niet langer afgestemd zijn op uw interesses.

De statistieken die worden gegenereerd met deze cookies gebruiken wij alleen om onze website te
verbeteren. De gegevens worden niet gedeeld met derden. De gegevens die de analytische cookies
verzamelen worden geanonimiseerd en zijn daarom niet herleidbaar naar u als bezoeker van de
website, daarom hoeft u hier ook geen toestemming voor te geven.

U kunt zich afmelden voor cookies door uw internetbrowser zo in te stellen dat deze geen cookies
meer opslaat. Daarnaast kunt u ook alle informatie die eerder is opgeslagen via de instellingen van uw
browser verwijderen. Dit kan echter de werking en het gebruiksgemak van onze website hinderen.

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